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MilSpouse Tribe: Who We Are

Have you ever met a someone by chance and felt instantly connected because they were a military spouse?

There is something about the deep level of understanding between two people that have shared in this crazy way of life. Enduring the constant recovery from PCS seasons, swing shifts, and deployments is enough to leave us with our heads spinning.

Conversations begin with “Hi, my name is Megan. What are you doing for Thanksgiving?” We fight loneliness, sorrow, and strive to keep up with our fast-paced list of demands. We are anything but “dependent.” We are all running at a breakneck pace to survive the unknown and the firm understanding that change is always coming.

“Where are we going now?” is the question we ask as we begin to bubble wrap our favorite dishes (in hopes that the government hired movers don’t smash them to tiny bits). We are warriors, whether at home or in a career. We are fearless in our efforts to provide a stable life for our families. We pack up, buck up, and begin again. We enter the “friendship dating” scene with high hopes that we find “our people.”

It is out of these deep and connecting truths that MilSpouse Tribe was born.

MilSpouse Tribe is the Ultimate Spouse’s Page. We connect a community of military spouses, past and present, across all branches of service in order to inform and inspire. We create a safe space to get connected, ask questions, and give encouragement. As a result, military spouses everywhere can access resources, relationships, and resiliency.

Get Connected. Build Community. Be Encouraged.

Connecting is hard. Between endless hours of #momlife or the endless demands of work or school, meeting new people is difficult. Here at MilSpouse Tribe, we hope to be a place where you can connect with local military spouses and those abroad. We hope you’ll spend your “coffee time” online with us so that we can meet you, give you a voice, and begin connecting with you.

We hope that by creating a space where there is open dialogue about our struggles, our dreams, and our aspirations, that you will find that there are others that share your passion. Building a community based on encouragement, good will, and celebration of MilSpouse achievements can change the culture among active duty/retired families.

After getting connected and helping to build a solid community, we hope that military spouses would be encouraged to act. Don’t wait until your spouse retires to pursue your dreams or career goals. Our greatest hope would be that you find the encouragement here to push forward, despite the challenges we face as military families. We seek to be a place that showcases and celebrates exemplary spouses that are chasing their dreams with gusto and dedication.


We invite you to join us in creating a paradigm shift within the military spouse culture. We want to be at the forefront of creating a movement within our community that trades comparison for compassion. We want to replace the negativity that surrounds the MilSpouse culture with a positive image of personal fulfilment and success. We can be a group that raises each other up, building strong leaders and supporting new ideals. Join us by “liking” our Facebook page, subscribing to the blog, and linking us to your local “spouse’s” Facebook page!


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